Our Process

How We Do It?

Deploying our customers communication services from the cloud has proved to be a smooth operation. We take our projects seriously.

Collect Information

Collecting information for an excellent communication service is more than just counting telephones. Here at Dia Telecom, we would like to get to know your company, your employees and their working methods. In this way you will not only get the functionality you need, but you will also benefit from fresh ideas about how you can optimize business processes and support a healthy working environment. All you have to do is applying the right tools and the right technology.

Process Step1

Process Step2

Preperation & Planning

Once you are convinced of our services, you are probably interested in a seamless transition as well. We will commence our partnership with a kick-off meeting where you will meet our Professional Services Team. The migration plan will be composed jointly by both partners, making sure the impact to your business will be minimized. Together we will secure the conditions for a successful migration are met.

Migration & Integration

Before you can make use of the service, a few things will need to happen. Besides the technical topics, we will also have to make sure your people know how to work with it starting from day 1. Our train-the-trainer program will make sure your people get the most out of it. When all preparation is done, it’s time for migration. After taking care of the migration of your own trusted phone numbers you can benefit from your brand new communications solution.

Process Step3

Process Step4

Operational Management

While companies are operating in an ever changing environment, your communications solution needs to change with it. Whether you would like to add or remove users, or change the way an incoming call is handled, the tools are always within your reach. You can login to our webportal to take care of the changes. The portal is at your disposal 24x7. When you feel a required change could get tensive, just give our Professional Services Team a call. We are happy to help you!

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